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National Do Not Call List Instructions

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Step 1

Click here to go the the English site and the main registration page.

Step 2

Enter your phone number and click Continue.

Step 3

Enter in the green lettered captcha code, in this example PEPHP, and click Check Registration.

Step 4

Review verification results. In this example the expiration date is in 3 years.

You are done!

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AntiSpyware Master Service Alert

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Reliant PC Consulting Service Alert


Date: September 16, 2008


Subject: AntiSpyware Master




This alert has been generated due to an issue that may affect my clients’ computer security. A malware program masquerading as a legitimate antivirus software exists. Of particular note are the following:


  1. The program looks legitimate.
  2. There are several methods that this malware can be introduced into your computer:
    1. Installing a malicious codec through a multimedia file.
    2. Infection from a Trojan virus.
    3. Social networking spam from fake social networking profiles.
    4. Peer-to-Peer (file sharing) networks.
  3. The software, and others like it, requires payment before the software is “installed” and activated to “protect” you. This is a typical ploy for malware.




A client noticed a red circle with a white ‘X’ in the lower right-hand task bar and a pop up notification that the computer had been “infected” with a virus.


This threat is persists with initial reports of this malware starting in April 2008.


What AntiSpyware Master Looks Like


On the next page you will note a screen shot of the main program screen. It is in process of “scanning” the subject computer and relies on false positives to encourage users to take the next step in the process: to pay money for nothing.


The program looks like this:



AntiSpyware Master

AntiSpyware Master






In this case Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware was downloaded and installed. A quick scan was initiated and in 10 minutes the program found 8 suspicious items. The items were removed and the pop ups ceased. Once the scan is complete and the malicious items removed then:

    1. Remove the icon titled “AntiSpyware Master” was removed.
    2. Remove the program group titled “AntiSpyware Master” was removed.




  1. Keep your anti virus software up to date.
  2. Be aware of this program in general and do not initiate any web activity that directs you to a site that promotes this software.
  3. Ignore any alert that AntiSpwyare Master has “detected” any virus on your computer.
  4. Do not attempt to click on the program to close it. This WILL generate more activity and insure infection.
  5. Simply shut down all other programs and then shut down your computer completely.
  6. If you are infected contact me ASAP and I will assist you on the removal of this software.






This Service Alert addresses a potential threat. There is a good chance you may not be affected by this particular threat but an awareness of it existence will make it less likely to affect you.


If you have any questions or concerns please contact me.

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How to Install and Use Crossloop

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Clients and perspective clients from Waterloo Region: If you want a demonstration please email me at .

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Sympatico Does Not Do It Again…

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On a recent service call I did a speed test on a client’s internet connection. I now do this as a matter of course during any service call regardless of the ISP they are using.

In this case the ISP was Bell Sympatico. The test netted a download speed of 577 KB/s and upon inquiring with the customer they confirmed they were paying for 7 MB/s. Wow. Not bad. They were only getting 8% of their rated maximum throughput!

What was interesting about this visit was several fold:


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Back Up Solutions

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Why you want to do a backup…

I was recently asked to comment on an online back up soltution. This is my response: (more…)

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PC Decrapifier

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Interesting Utility.

I love this entry:

All versions of Norton Anything are completely incompatible with Norton AnythingElse. Searching the Symantec support site, you’ll see that there are more entries there for REMOVING their products after something’s gone wrong than for any other issue. Multiple uninstallers must be downloaded, and pieces can still be left behind.

CrapWare all the way! All versions and all variations of Norton and Symantec software must be removed with all due prejudice!


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It’s My Bread and Butter…

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…but I’ll cry if I want to.

The state of the Wintel/XP/Vista industry is a shambles. Seriously, I get paid to wade through the minutia of the various intricacies of computer maintenance and ownership and I am pleased to do so. But there has to be a better way. I do not think that certain aspects of computer ownership are properly communicated to computer owners. The issues of OEM versions of XP/Vista and the impact to a client if they have a problem and do NOT go to a OEM service provider often cause problems and additional expense.

In one particular case, the non-OEM service provider (whom will remain nameless in this post) did not adequately address their client’s needs. They simply and correctly should not have fixed the laptop. They did thereby incurring an additional expense for the user and may have made it even more difficult to solve future operating system problems. The work order description is simply inadequate. No traceability of the work completed can be done. “Back up documents. Re-install Windows.” just does not cut it. I will add a redacted version of a work report sometime to give an idea of what is adequate.

We have a duty to communicate and assist our clients. The industry has to do a better job of making computer ownership easier. Frankly, the out-of-the-box experience for low knowledge users is in a sorry state.

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CNN Bogus Email Alerts

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Note:  This issue is now a Service Alert

 Reference this link for more information.

Outlook 2007 does not identify this as spam even after adding it to the spam folder and blocking the address. Upon further research a suggestion of creating an email rule as a work around seemed like a good idea. Used CrossLoop to create the email rule.

Time for problem resolution:  5 minutes.

Saved gas and time as it would have taken me 5 minutes to get there.

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New Service Offering: CrossLoop Remote Support

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Reliant PC Consulting is pleased to announce remote support for clients!

What is it?

Remote support is the ability for a person to control a client’s computer from another location. Using CrossLoop© remote control software a significant number of problems can be resolved without the requirement of an on-site service call.

How does this benefit me, the client?

Less Expensive:  Remote support is $25.00 per hour billed on the quarter hour.

Faster:  Get immediate support.

Coolness Factor:  A great way to keep your computer working properly and solving problems.

Saves the Environment:  No carbon emissions from an on-site visit.

How do I get it?

Go to the CrossLoop download page and download and install the software. For software installation details go here.

Once you have installed the software you can create an account or you can simply log on by skipping that option. CrossLoop offers SECURE remote desktop problem resolution and I highly recommend it.

How do I contact you?

Once you have installed the software you can go to and on the top left corner of the browser window you will see if I am available. A green dot and a dialogue box saying Available Now! will be active. You can click on the Contact Me option above at the 2 o’clock position and send me a message or call me at 519-893-2639 or 519-497-9150.  Then you can give me your 12 number Access Code in the share tab and we can connect and I can start solving your problems.

If I am not on-line you can call and leave a message or email me at and we can arrange a convenient time to solve your problems.

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