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It’s My Bread and Butter…

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…but I’ll cry if I want to.

The state of the Wintel/XP/Vista industry is a shambles. Seriously, I get paid to wade through the minutia of the various intricacies of computer maintenance and ownership and I am pleased to do so. But there has to be a better way. I do not think that certain aspects of computer ownership are properly communicated to computer owners. The issues of OEM versions of XP/Vista and the impact to a client if they have a problem and do NOT go to a OEM service provider often cause problems and additional expense.

In one particular case, the non-OEM service provider (whom will remain nameless in this post) did not adequately address their client’s needs. They simply and correctly should not have fixed the laptop. They did thereby incurring an additional expense for the user and may have made it even more difficult to solve future operating system problems. The work order description is simply inadequate. No traceability of the work completed can be done. “Back up documents. Re-install Windows.” just does not cut it. I will add a redacted version of a work report sometime to give an idea of what is adequate.

We have a duty to communicate and assist our clients. The industry has to do a better job of making computer ownership easier. Frankly, the out-of-the-box experience for low knowledge users is in a sorry state.

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Response to Comment on Previous Post

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The Comment:

What would you guys recommend? I am looking for an Antivirus/Internet Security that backups up my important documents online because I live in an area where power blackouts occur all the time I also need something that protects my identity because I do a great deal of online banking. I only know of one product that does that and thats Nortons if there is something else does let me know because when it comes to online security I don’t want anything but the best not saying Nortons is the best out there but I would not trust anything they give away for free online.

My response…


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Installing Windows XP SP3

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In a previous post I outlined some important things to do BEFORE attempting the installation of the service pack. Good idea of me to follow my own advice…


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Installing AVG 8.x

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As was indicated in an email sent to my clients AVG 7.5 support is ending and the replacement software is AVG 8.x. Click on More for the Service Bulletin.

The program file is available here.

The manual is available here.

The instructions are available here.


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Windows XP Service Pack 3 Release Date Set

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Windows XP Service Pack 3 release date set:

On April 29, 2008 Windows SP3 will be released. As was noted in a previous post, Windows XP SP3 is released. For those of you that want to get familiar with the installation process here is a slide show for you at this link.

I will be reviewing the installation details and updating any issues and sending out a service alert to my customers so that they can deploy this release as easily as possible. The initial download is small at around 70 MB and the patch expands to about 580 MB and takes about an hour on a 1.5GHz Athlon system with 1GB of RAM.

Will update as more information becomes available.

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An Example of the Depth of Service Offered

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One of the problems with “break and fix” computer services is they do just that… They come in and fix your computer and leave. They do not get to know you and your specific needs and problems. They cannot or will not apply their knowledge to your specific circumstances and often they sell hardware and software so you may be uncertain to their motivations.

As a consultant I represent you. I get to know you and learn about your specific environment. I do my best to understand your personal needs and challenges over a wide range of issues. I try to get the best product or solution at the best price. I do not sell hardware or software – I recommend it and I want my customers to have good service from it. Sure, I do tend to tier 1 products but they are tier 1 because they work and are more readily supported after the integration in your home.

Below is one such example. The client has a computer that does not have a licensed copy of Windows XP. This has an impact to their enjoyment and reliable use of their computer. So, what ARE their options…

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Welcome to Reliant PC Consulting

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I started this venture as a response to the needs of the average PC user. Specifically there is a series of skill sets a computer user needs to operate, upgrade, add software, new devices and manage their computers that the operating systems in the Wintel world are not meeting. After supporting computers and computing in a home and corporate environment for 15 years I see every day the challenges people face.

 So I started my little company…

It is my goal to give affordable, efficient, and professional service to my clients. I am not the cheapest PC tech out there. Nor am I the most expensive. But I am not a PC tech. I am a consultant.

What is the difference? Well, first a technician has a focus on the device, not the person. There are many good, if not great break and fix computer people out in the market place but they lack a focus on the user. What are the nagging issues they face? How come they get shown how to do something and cannot replicate it? Why, after owning a computer for years, do some users still not use even 15% of the power of the computer hardware and software they own?

My job, my passion, is to address that. Find the problem…train the user…fix, adjust, optimize and simplify their computer usage by education and a tenacious interest in their needs, beyond that of fact a piece of hardware or software does not work. I do fix computers…don’t get me wrong. But if I have not found out something about your computing needs and helped or educated you on that then I am not doing my job.

This blog is a journey into a business that started March 6th, 2008. I will write about issues regarding human interaction with computers, share software and hardware tips and comment on computer and other issues that matter to me, but more importantly, my clients.

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