Sympatico Does Not Do It Again…

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On a recent service call I did a speed test¬†on a client’s internet connection. I now do this as a matter of course during any service call regardless of the ISP they are using.

In this case the ISP was Bell Sympatico. The test netted a download speed of 577 KB/s and upon inquiring with the customer they confirmed they were paying for 7 MB/s. Wow. Not bad. They were only getting 8% of their rated maximum throughput!

What was interesting about this visit was several fold:


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Bell Sympatico/Bellnet Speed Issue

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I was one of the first Bell Sympatico clients in this area. I had the old Nortel modem and had decent service. Compared to dial-up it was a dream but eventually as I wanted more speed the problems started to occur:

  • Service drop-outs lasting minutes at a time.
  • Service outages averaging once a week.
  • Power supplies on old Nortel modem failing¬†3 times and 5 business days to get a new one.
  • New Speedstream modem does not suppot new speed package as I am too far from the concentrator.

This week I called Bellnet tech support for a client and they have been paying for 6 MB/s internet access for years only to find out they can only get 1 MB/s! The “solution” was offered to “upgrade” the client to the new wireless internet access. Sure it was $6.00 cheaper per month but it was half as fast as the client was expecting from their original service.

It totally amazes me that someone would bother selling such services when the advertised thoughput is no where near the client’s actual experienc.

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An Update on Traffic Shaping

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A previous post outlined what traffic shaping is and some of my thoughts on it and I thought I would update you on some news… (more…)

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