Service Offerings

Service offerings are really dependant on you – the client. For a basic overview of the offerings click here and here. These two pages barely scratch the surface of what Reliant PC Consulting can do for you. Because your computing needs are unique the main service my company offers is the ability to assess and respond to your needs. Individualized attention to every facet of how, why, where, when, and how you use a computer is taken into account. Your personal comfort level with computer technology is important to me. I can assist the neophyte to the power user in getting more from their computing technology.

The basics:

Reliant PC Consulting can help you with your computer hardware, software problems. The determination and recommendation of new hardware and software, as well as the recycling of printer cartridges and old computer components.

What person or company will do this for such a cost-effective fee?


Hardware is a term used to refer to the actual pieces of the computer a user works with. A monitor is an example of hardware. This and other hardware components must work in concert with each other to give you the images, sound and other representations of information used in computing today. It all must work together in order to give the user the desired EXPECTED results. Colour printers should print in colour; input devices should translate your movements into specific actions and commands to get your tasks done. When it does not work the way you want it to you get frustrated and your interest in using the computer declines.

Now you have a resource that can troubleshoot and define the problem and get it fixed or the faulty component replaced. Instead of putting up with things that may or may not be a problem with your computer – be sure.

With over 20 years of technical trouble-shooting experience – over 10 in computer technology alone – let Reliant PC Consulting drill down to what the problem is and get it fixed right now.

Components Supported

 Input Devices Printers  Scanners Cameras  PC TV Tuners 
 Mice  Cell Phones  Optical Drives Memory  DSL Modems 
 Keyboards  PDAs Speakers   Network Cards  ADSL Modems
 Microphones  Dictation Equip.  Hard Drives  Power Supplies  iPods


Software are the programs, utilities and applications a computer user utilizes to get the essential job done. They may use a camera to take a picture and then a USB cable do get the image from the camera to the computer but it is the software that the user needs to create that email and send the picture to a friend or family member. Sometimes the software is related to a piece of hardware. Even the ubiquitous computer printer ‘driver’ has powers and features that a computer user can use to save money and time.

Software is also the piece the puzzle which controls the hardware we use. A computer component like a scanner needs a way to communicate to a user or another program to make what it does – scanning pictures and images – into some useful form of electronic information that can be put into an email or shared with a printer.

What I have observed over the years is that most users have a basic understanding of how a program works but they barely scratch the surface of its potential. Or, more importantly, it can be configured to do something that makes the use of that program easier.

One of the benefits of engaging Reliant PC Consulting is that I can tailor my approach to your needs and once they are identified a plan of action is created and implemented. And you will have the piece of mind of having the consultant following up with you after the solution is found and making sure you are able to replicate and expand your PC knowledge.

Software Supported

Word Processing  Spread Sheet  Email Clients  Web Browsers  Image Editing 
 Anti-virus Malware Prevention  Spam Prevention  Accounting   Utilities 
 Image Printing OCR  Dictation  Back Up  Others…

Putting it all Together

As you can see there is an inter-relationship between the hardware and software you use today. Couple that with new components and devices that extend your abilities, but can cause confusion and frustration (such as cell phones, GPS units etc.), one can see that this connected world we work in is becoming more inter-connected – and complex.

What is needed is someone with an overview of the technology currently in place at your home today. Having that person sit down over a coffee and ask pertinent questions of your intended and future use and expectations and then having that same person assess those needs and outcomes and put it into a package of computer configuration and personal education to make your computing experience better, more enjoyable and less time consuming.

Imagine feeling liberated by what today’s technology can do for you! Or being able to see your family that lives far away live on your computer so you can be more connected to them? Perhaps you have a special project or hobby that could be enhanced by extending your community of interest beyond your city?

Whatever your needs are Reliant PC Consulting is there to make it happen.


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