Consulting Fees

1st Partial or Full Hour On-site:  $55.00
2nd Hour and subsequent hours On-site: $45.00
Telephone Support $25.00 per hour

On-site and telephone support is billed per quarterly hour.

Hours of Operation

7 days a week at my client’s convenience.

Get  on-site or telephone support at a reasonable price.

Note:  On-site rate includes transportation to your location inside of an 80 KM radius of Highway 8/401. Minimum engagement fee is $55.00 for an on-site call. All subsequent hours are billed to the nearest quarter hour. Outside this service radius a mileage charge of $0.50 per kilometer will be charged.

PC Tune Up and Assessment
Tune PC and assess hardware/software needs:  $90.00

The PC Tune Up and Assessment is a great value. In most cases a computer that has been neglected for any amount of time has issues and these issues can take several hours to address. I will work on your computer and identify any software or hardware problems. In many cases the problems can be fixed on site. If the computer needs hardware I will research the parts you need and help you assess if it is economical to repair

Therefore, if the time required goes past 2 hours you get great value! The average PC Tune Up and Assessment can take up to 4 hours.

Don’t know if you have a virus? Not sure if your computer is as up-to-date as it needs? Time to consider a new computer? All these and other questions will be answered with a PC Tune Up and Assessment.

A good starting point for any PC owner:  PC Reliant will check your computer for viruses and tune your PC so it operates more reliably. Then an assessment will be done to determine if there are any hardware or software options that can be added or configured to make your PC experience more reliable.

Further, the consultant will work with the client to map out a plan to set up some easy to use tools to keep your computer running reliably. The consultant will review the client’s software use and needs and set out a plan to help increase your effective use of the technology you own.

A written report will overview the hardware, software and knowledge review and map out a plan of action that will achieve your personal goals.

Other Services

Don’t know what computer hardware to buy? Want to get the best value for money? Are there too many products to consider? Let Reliant PC help you assess your needs and get what you really need.
Hardware/Software purchasing consulting involves determination of what you are trying to achieve or solve by buying computer hardware and software. A client will be educated on the technology considered and will be given at least 2 alternatives with a recommendation.

Need to upgrade a software program? Not sure if you really know what you need? Reliant PC will clear the confusion and help you do just that. Prevent spending too much money buy getting what you need.
Software and hardware training. Get the most out of your existing or new hardware and software.


Reliant PC Consulting does not sell software or hardware. What Reliant PC Consulting does do is take your specific and unique needs into account and review them in detail. Once this is done Reliant PC Consulting will research diligently to find the hardware and/or software tools you need and propose an economical solution that fits your budget and needs.

Reliant PC Consulting is not affiliated with any supplier or vendor. We do not get any fees or incentives to represent products or services and we will never accept any. You can be assured of a professional service whose bias is only for you, the customer.

Once the products and services are determined and purchased Reliant PC Consulting will install, configure and train the client so they can be comfortable and competent in its use.

Special Projects

Case by case analysis of scope of project.

Consulting Policy

Hardware and software consulting is billed at standard hourly rates. If no on-site visit is required billing is done at $45.00 per hour.

With experience it has become necessary to state a specific policy regarding consulting and advice to customers wishing to acquire new hardware and software. Originally this time and the resulting fees would be waived on condition Reliant PC Consulting did the integration/installation of the recommended software/hardware.

Several potential clients have either misunderstood the inherent value of this service or simply ignored the written/verbal agreement and have not engaged services to which they had agreed to once they have acquired the recommended hardware/software.


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