Computer Tune Up & Assessment

The PC Tune Up and Assessment is basically a way for prospective customers to get to know me. It is a high value opportunity because the average time on-site to do the work is 3 hours.

As you can see the items covers are comprehensive and can take between 2.5 and 3.5 hours.

My commitment is to get you PC running better and more reliably. The following minimum work will be done:

1.      Talk with client and review current status of PC and user experience. Note and discuss issues. While the assessment is going on consultant will research solutions to problems if required.

2.      Check the current boot-up time and start-up configuration of your PC.

3.      Set a restore point.

4.      Check the processes running and assess any security and performance threats.

5.      Check status of RAM, hard drive space used, and processor speed.

6.      Check the status of Windows XP/Vista updates. Note them.

7.      Check the status of firewall settings and adjust as necessary. Check configuration of Windows Firewall and any 3rd party products.

8.      Check the status of any installed anti-virus software and adjust as necessary. Check configuration of anti virus products.

9.      Check the status of any malware prevention products.

10.  Run CCleaner Utility to address temporary files, cookies and other items that degrades performance. Save copy of registry and clean registry.

11.  Do a verbal inventory with customer of what programs they have and need and what extra, non-critical programs they have on their computer and do not need and remove.

12.  Check what programs initiate a program start up. Remove unnecessary programs start entries or remove programs if not used (i.e. Bloatware).

13.  Reboot and note changes.

14.  On all 1st and 3rd party products check product revision status and update as necessary.

15.  Suggest and apply any specific drivers for devices that would benefit being updated. Most usually the video drivers but can be printer, USB devices etc.

16.  Note and report any specific performance or reliability issues to the client.

17.  Initiate anti-virus scan and complete.

18.  Initiate malware scan and complete.

19.  Defrag client hard drive(s).

Note: in rare cases the client may have to do this independently as it can take time I consider non-billable. If the client wishes I will coordinate with them and help them do the updates or they can let me do it.

In some cases, where performance is particularly slow, it may be necessary to address a specific item first before the PC Tune-Up and assessment can be completed. Your consultant will discuss your options to you before he starts any work.


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