How to Install and Use Crossloop

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Clients and perspective clients from Waterloo Region: If you want a demonstration please email me at .

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Even a Good Comedian Cannot Fix a Comedy of Errors!

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Microsoft hires Jerry Seinfeld to improve the image of Vista!

But know where near as funny or damning as this Apple ad!

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It is not so…

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…easy to understand PC warranty.

If you own a computer with any Microsoft product pre-installed on it usually you are recommended to go to the OEM for support on the Microsoft product. It even says so here:

If your Microsoft product was installed on your computer when you purchased it, the computer manufacturer is your primary source of technical support.

In the case of Vista this is patently NOT the case. The moment you mention Vista to a Dell tech support technician they won’t support you unless you are willing to pay an incident fee. If not they direct you to call Microsoft. Support for Vista Service Pack 1 is currently free (and was very good and thorough) but there is a disconnect between what Microsoft says and Dell:

Dell’s limited hardware warranty does not cover:

  • Software, including the operating system and software added to the Dell-branded hardware products through our factory-integration system, third-party software, or the reloading of software

This issue hi-lights one of my pet peeves with the PC industry. Just who is responsible for software support? As far as I am concerned if a PC manufacturer REQUIRES an OEM licensed copy of the operating system to be installed in the computer you own then they have a responsibility to support it. The brand recognition is a Dell computer with Vista…not it is Vista on a Dell computer.

The end-user’s perception does not seperate the two entities and nor should it. But, if you call Dell and do not purchase additional support services they will only address what THEY determine to be hardware issues. If it is a Vista issue you get directed to their software support group and that support is fee based.

Luckily Vista Service Pack 1 issues are currently covered at no cost by Microsoft.

Remember though, there is an interaction between the hardware a computer manufacturer provides and operating system. If a manufacturer delineates a clear separation of these two areas of support there may be a tendancy for the manufacturer to “blame” the operating system and direct issues that clearly are related to the interaction of the two systems that make your computer work. Most end-users cannot delineate what and where the problem lies. They count of the manufacturer’s tech support to tell them and this knowledge could be leveraged by support to direct the client to other support options that may not be appropriate.

I have seen this before. In the days of DOS WordPerfect there were several technical problems related to printing and WordPerfect tech support would ALWAYS blame hardware when, in fact, it was the interaction of their program with video and printer drivers.

A good hardware and software vendor knows this and works with ALL parties involved to solve the end-user’s problem. The bad ones generally pass you off to another resource. After those resources are exhausted then they may help.

See this issue in context of Vista and Nvidia…

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Vista Versus XP Restore Points

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One of the tools to recover from a software problem is Vista’s Restore Point utility.

I had cause to do a restore using it recently and was SHOCKED to see only 5 restore points. With Windows XP you on my main computer I can see back 2 weeks. The number of restore points is dependant on the disk space you reserve for it. It would stand to reason that the restore points for Vista are bigger but in some cases you may want to go back more than 5 (or whatever number of days) to do a restore.

This problem is further excacerbated by the fact that any software install or update, likes a service pack, necessitates the creation of a restore point which could mean that if a service pack fails 2 or 3 times your restore point is now only 2 or 3 days old.

So, Restore Points, if not properly configured, can cause problems because it may take several days before a computer user realizes the need to do a restore.

For reference you can download the Vista SP1 Service Pack here.

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Back Up Solutions

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Why you want to do a backup…

I was recently asked to comment on an online back up soltution. This is my response: (more…)

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Using CrossLoop Remote Desktop Software

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OK… Let me say it! WOW!

I am impressed. I have attempted to implement Window’s Remote Desktop and various similar clients like VNC but CrossLoop simply is, as far as I have tried, the simplest, smoothest, and powerful remote desktop tool.

I have chance to use it several times in the past week and not only can I resolve (an estimate) about 60% of my clients’ problems remotely. I know install the program on each computer I service and I do not charge for that time since the power and ease of use of this program simply speaks volumes to the greater level of service I can offer my clients.

I know there are other solutions out there. I have tried them but for ease of setup, use, and the low cost (free!) CrossLoop offers so reliably I have to say I am committed to this software for supporting my clients’.

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New Service Offering: CrossLoop Remote Support

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Reliant PC Consulting is pleased to announce remote support for clients!

What is it?

Remote support is the ability for a person to control a client’s computer from another location. Using CrossLoop© remote control software a significant number of problems can be resolved without the requirement of an on-site service call.

How does this benefit me, the client?

Less Expensive:  Remote support is $25.00 per hour billed on the quarter hour.

Faster:  Get immediate support.

Coolness Factor:  A great way to keep your computer working properly and solving problems.

Saves the Environment:  No carbon emissions from an on-site visit.

How do I get it?

Go to the CrossLoop download page and download and install the software. For software installation details go here.

Once you have installed the software you can create an account or you can simply log on by skipping that option. CrossLoop offers SECURE remote desktop problem resolution and I highly recommend it.

How do I contact you?

Once you have installed the software you can go to and on the top left corner of the browser window you will see if I am available. A green dot and a dialogue box saying Available Now! will be active. You can click on the Contact Me option above at the 2 o’clock position and send me a message or call me at 519-893-2639 or 519-497-9150.  Then you can give me your 12 number Access Code in the share tab and we can connect and I can start solving your problems.

If I am not on-line you can call and leave a message or email me at and we can arrange a convenient time to solve your problems.

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CrossLoop Remote Support Tool

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Go over to Ross McKillop’s web site (which is kind of erie since I know a Ross McKillop, but not this particular one) and check out his review of CrossLoop here and here.

Did a test run with my parent’s computer and worked like a charm and have set myself up for an account to assist people online. I have a link on my blog home page. So, if you need help please contact me. I will leave the applet running and you can message me and I can help you.

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How To Use CCleaner

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Click on the link for a PDF on how to use CCLeaner. The guide is designed for the average computer user.

 Click here> how-to-use-ccleaner

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Sandvine Hit Over Net Neutrality Issues

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Seems there is a backlash from the products Sandvine offers and the net neutrality debate going on in the United States, Canada, and elsewhere may continue to negatively impact this company on the short to medium term.

Factors undermining the forecast include “the effect of the network neutrality debate on Sandvine’s North American installed base, the reduced predictability associated with expansion into new markets such as Sandvine’s entrance into the tier-one DSL and wireless markets, and the increasing number of opportunities being pursued through the indirect sales channel,” the company stated.

I do not wish ill on Sandvine but this story only hi-lights the forces at work as this debate goes on.

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