National Do Not Call List Instructions

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Step 1

Click here to go the the English site and the main registration page.

Step 2

Enter your phone number and click Continue.

Step 3

Enter in the green lettered captcha code, in this example PEPHP, and click Check Registration.

Step 4

Review verification results. In this example the expiration date is in 3 years.

You are done!

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Even a Good Comedian Cannot Fix a Comedy of Errors!

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Microsoft hires Jerry Seinfeld to improve the image of Vista!

But know where near as funny or damning as this Apple ad!

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PC Decrapifier

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Interesting Utility.

I love this entry:

All versions of Norton Anything are completely incompatible with Norton AnythingElse. Searching the Symantec support site, you’ll see that there are more entries there for REMOVING their products after something’s gone wrong than for any other issue. Multiple uninstallers must be downloaded, and pieces can still be left behind.

CrapWare all the way! All versions and all variations of Norton and Symantec software must be removed with all due prejudice!


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It’s My Bread and Butter…

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…but I’ll cry if I want to.

The state of the Wintel/XP/Vista industry is a shambles. Seriously, I get paid to wade through the minutia of the various intricacies of computer maintenance and ownership and I am pleased to do so. But there has to be a better way. I do not think that certain aspects of computer ownership are properly communicated to computer owners. The issues of OEM versions of XP/Vista and the impact to a client if they have a problem and do NOT go to a OEM service provider often cause problems and additional expense.

In one particular case, the non-OEM service provider (whom will remain nameless in this post) did not adequately address their client’s needs. They simply and correctly should not have fixed the laptop. They did thereby incurring an additional expense for the user and may have made it even more difficult to solve future operating system problems. The work order description is simply inadequate. No traceability of the work completed can be done. “Back up documents. Re-install Windows.” just does not cut it. I will add a redacted version of a work report sometime to give an idea of what is adequate.

We have a duty to communicate and assist our clients. The industry has to do a better job of making computer ownership easier. Frankly, the out-of-the-box experience for low knowledge users is in a sorry state.

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Using CrossLoop Remote Desktop Software

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OK… Let me say it! WOW!

I am impressed. I have attempted to implement Window’s Remote Desktop and various similar clients like VNC but CrossLoop simply is, as far as I have tried, the simplest, smoothest, and powerful remote desktop tool.

I have chance to use it several times in the past week and not only can I resolve (an estimate) about 60% of my clients’ problems remotely. I know install the program on each computer I service and I do not charge for that time since the power and ease of use of this program simply speaks volumes to the greater level of service I can offer my clients.

I know there are other solutions out there. I have tried them but for ease of setup, use, and the low cost (free!) CrossLoop offers so reliably I have to say I am committed to this software for supporting my clients’.

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Bell Sympatico Customer “Service”

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Wow. What a hassle!

I was on a service call to a client’s place and the following transpired trying to solve an email configuration problem in Outlook Express.

Part 1

The client could not send emails so I checked his setup in the email account profile. Surprise, surprise! The settings were out of date. This client has been a Sympatico user since 1998 and some time ago Sympatico changed the way the email accounts need to be configured. (more…)

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Stonetown Jam

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One of the pleasures of working for me has always been the people. I have GREAT customers and when you have a chance to get to know them you find out some interesting things.

In this case one of my clients is a volunteer for the Stonetown Jam. This live entertainment event is held at T.E. Smith Transport, 5 Industrial Road, St. Marys, Ontario, a short drive from London and Stratford and within an hour of Waterloo Region. Map

The StoneTown jam has such acts at Little Riverview Band, Charlie Major, Johnny Reid, Jessie Farrell and George Canyon.

Information about the Stonetown Jam can be found here, here, here, and here.

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Customer Service Revealed

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I have always had a strong customer service orientation. I have worked many extra long hours to do what is best for my clients and I have done a lot of it above and beyond the call of duty. (more…)

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The Website is Down!

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Totally hilarious IT humour.


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CrossLoop Remote Support Tool

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Go over to Ross McKillop’s web site (which is kind of erie since I know a Ross McKillop, but not this particular one) and check out his review of CrossLoop here and here.

Did a test run with my parent’s computer and worked like a charm and have set myself up for an account to assist people online. I have a link on my blog home page. So, if you need help please contact me. I will leave the applet running and you can message me and I can help you.

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