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Wow. What a hassle!

I was on a service call to a client’s place and the following transpired trying to solve an email configuration problem in Outlook Express.

Part 1

The client could not send emails so I checked his setup in the email account profile. Surprise, surprise! The settings were out of date. This client has been a Sympatico user since 1998 and some time ago Sympatico changed the way the email accounts need to be configured.

The previous method used the email address and the b1xxxxx account password to access email. Also the inbound and outbound email server setting would point to and These are incorrect but I have had 2 other clients with these settings as well and they have no recollection of Sympatico informing them of the change.

The new change requires a separate email password associated with the email address and not the main account password. You also have to change the POP3 server settings to and

The client did not have a password so after I configured his email account I called Bell Sympatico tech support and the following happened.

First, the call goes directed to the billing department…not tech support. I informed the representative this was a tech support call and the call was directed to tech support. After verifying the account information the tech support representative immediately told me the account was in arrears and until full payment was made he would not help me. Needless to say, I confirmed this statement with him and it was confirmed and I ended the call and informed my client.

The account was NOT in arrears. Never has been. In fact the next billing cycle was on August 3rd so the account was still current.

Part 2

I called the billing department.

Now, there is an additional piece of the story here… My client had attempted to get on the “One Bill” system to bundle his cell, land line phone, and Internet service. Bell did not follow through and his attempt (his, not theirs) to bundle failed due to inadequate follow through by Bell. By this time you can imagine he was pretty upset and was talking about going to Rogers.

The billng department was helpful. Really cannot complain about them but they informed me that perhaps the problem with the tech support person not helping me was that the account credit card information showed an old credit card expiry date. Obviously we had to update this but it was clear to me that it was not tech supports duty to refuse service as the account was still current at the time of the call. They apolgised somewhat profusely and we go things properly set up with the account status and also got him bundled on the services he wanted.

Part 3

During the call I went online and did a speed test of his Internet connection. Wow. He was barely getting 600 KB/s and he had been paying for 5 MB/s.Wow. What a rip off. Obviously we needed to downgrade his service to a more appropriate level but not only this was an issue but Bell Sympatico had changed his account status some time in the past from his old service package to a new on without his knowledge. Basically they selected a package and he had been paying for speed he was never going to get.

The difference in price was $20.00 approximately and this translates to $240.00 per year of extra charges for services there technically he could not receive because of the distance from the concentrator. I suspect my client wasted over $1000.00 and Bell did and does nothing about this.

We got all this settled and organized and then, finally, we got forwarded to tech support.

Part 4

Tech support was great. After the initial experience the rep, Maha, was very good. Went on-line and reset his email password and since all my setting were correct Outlook worked properly. I do commend this rep but I sure think that the initial call to tech support could have been handled more diplomatically. That representative was hostile and verging on rude.

So, after 1.5 hours we got everything squared away.

The bad news…

Tech support was initially hostile.

The client wanted to be a loyal Bell client and their attempt to bundle failed. Bad news for Bell not following up properly.

He is really wondering why it is so hard to be loyal to Bell.

His Internet service is substandard and he has wasted money paying for speed he was not getting.

The good news…

We got him bundled.

He is paying the correct price for the Internet speed he is able to get.

Bell Sympatico should take a more proactive role in addressing the discrepancy in speed their clients are having. They are hiding their heads in the sand and no wonder they are losing business.


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3 Responses to “Bell Sympatico Customer “Service””

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Bell is a useless company and I wonder how they stay in business.

Because even many managers in Canada, the government too are not honest, do not tell the truth, they often also do lie as to the actual reasons their product prices are going up, and/or the quality of their services are going down, thus they are still helping to put themselves out of work, out of business eventually and to be rightfully dismissed too.

“Internet Content overload suggests need to rethink how the Web works” ? ha ha ha that is a really good joke.. Because to get the customers Bell initially had said it had the largest, fastest high speed system in Canada.. But Bell also next to cover up their clear inability to be efficient, to cover their poor management losses Bell next undeniably even lies to the same customers as to the initial reasons they next were not able to deliver what they had promised, and Bell next tries to justify their false pricing gouges.. Bell itself and it’s poor managers are still a really good big joke. Who are they fooling now but themselves as to how bad managers they really are..

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