Web Brower Security Vulnerabilities

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Approximately 40% of computer users do not have their web lbrowsers updated to the latest standard.

Note: Internet Explorer 6.x users are at high risk for security vunerabilities. Please consult this page for minimum system requirements. I am afraid that any Windows 98/ME users cannot upgrade to IE7. They cannot user Firefox either.

This is particularly relevant to my customers because the vast majority use… …Internet Explorer 7. It is in this product category that the largest percentage are not up-to-date with 52.4% not having their browser updated to the latests security standard.

The reason for being up-to-date is important. 89.4% of security vulnerabilities came from the use of the Internet and web browsers. The problem is further exacerbated by the fact that IE7 is not automatically updated. It updates on a monthly basis but in my experience you often have to go to the Windows Update site and search for and apply updates manually.

For example, on the computer I a currently writing this post from there are 0 secuity udates I need to apply.  A quick review of my two other computers shows I need to update x and 0 updates respectively.

What to Do?

Please contact me and I will assist you or you can do this on your own. I also have the Windows Service Pack 3 image file if you require that recommended update as well.

Go to Windows Update

Select the Express Button.

The site will inventory your computer and install the updates automatically. Be advised…if you have not installed Windows XP Service Pack 3 it may require you to do so firs in this mode. If the inventory indicates you need to upgrade to Service Pack 3 please call me for advice on what to do next

If Service Pack 3 is installed then follow the dialogue boxes and apply the updates. In some cases you will need to reboot your computer after you apply them.

It is recommended you repeat this process until no more updates are required to be installed.

I would also recommend, once the updates have been applied to run CCleaner.

Select the Custom Button

Only if you are confident you know what you need to install. Windows Update Express is advised for the majority of my customers.


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