Cleaning Your Keyboard

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A recent news article got me thinking and I did some research. The Which? article that got all the attention makes it clear that the problem with bacteria is related to food so if you do not eat by the keyboard then this should not be a problem. Their advice is pretty good but I am going to add to it:

Computer Keyboard Only (i.e. not a laptop)

  • First shut down and unplug your PC (OK, no need to unplug the PC – just unplug your keyboard). In fact, you do not absoulutely need to disconnect the keyboard at all.
  • Turn the keyboard over and shake it gently. This may dislodge any dirt and food but also checks to see of there are any loose keys on the board as they may go missing in the next step.
  • Vacuum the keyboard with a vacuum brush hose attachment gently. Be sure that if there is a suction setting to turn the suction to low…there is a chance that any loose keys will become vacuum fodder and end up in your vacuum bag. I have never had this happen but it is best to be forwarned.
  • Repeat the turning over – shaking -vacuuming.
  • Wipe surfaces with a soft, lightly dampened with water, lint-free cloth. Do not use any cleaners or harsh chemicals. You may find that you need to do this several times if this is an old keyboard. Simply lift the keyboard up into the light and change the angle that the light strikes the keys. You will be surprised on the dirt you will miss.
  • For really stubborn keys get a Q-Tip and some isopropanol alcohol and dip the Q-Tip in the alcohol and rub the key gently.
  • Disinfect with alcohol wipes or a clean lint free cloth with isopropanol alcohol.

Some other important tips…

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