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Flash Player Exploit Service Alert

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Dear client,
The following is a SERVICE ALERT regarding a recent Flash Player exploit that may impact the security of your computer usage.
Many web sites serve video or other animation graphics using Flash. Because of the wide spread use of Flash to serve video content it is highly recommended to update your Flash Player at your earliest convenience.
Adobe considers this a CRITICAL issue.
Service Alert Details
Affected Computers: Any computer using the Adobe Flash Player used in web browsers. All browser types affected (Internet Explore/FireFox et al) not updated to the current Flash Player version
More information can be obtained here:
Verify Version of your Flash Player by going to and it will show what version you are currently running.
Resolution:  Download and install the latest Flash Player at
No uninstall is necessary, just install the latest Flash Player. Customers using multiple browsers should perform the update for each browser installed on their system.
The Adobe blog indicates most antivirus vendors have addressed this issue with their definition files but updating is still prudent. If Adobe is reiterating the importance of updating the player then the security vulnerability still exist in some form.
What is the Flash Player?
Where is it used?
Sites such as YouTube and Google Video but corporate sites use this tool as well.
Please contact me if you have any questions.
Eric Edwards
Main Email:
Cell:  519-497-9150
Landline:  519-893-2639
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Response to Comment on Previous Post

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The Comment:

What would you guys recommend? I am looking for an Antivirus/Internet Security that backups up my important documents online because I live in an area where power blackouts occur all the time I also need something that protects my identity because I do a great deal of online banking. I only know of one product that does that and thats Nortons if there is something else does let me know because when it comes to online security I don’t want anything but the best not saying Nortons is the best out there but I would not trust anything they give away for free online.

My response…


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Symantec Products: Norton Antivirus Family

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I have a low opinion of Norton Antivirus (NAV) and the family of products that Symantec produces. Time and time I do service calls and find this insidious software residing when it is APPARENTLY removed…


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You never know when…

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…your computer may fail.

I had the privilege of having a client that was interested in best practices and I created a document for his use and today I got the call…the call that I am sure my clients dread to make.

‘My computer was making a funny noise and when I went to boot it up today nothing happened.’

The good news:

  • My client was backing up his valuable data regularly.
  • He has a laptop to fall back on.
  • We can get him running much sooner and with less hassle because he did what ALL users should do. Back up their data at the very least and their operating system if practicable.

If we had implemented the use of a Sandisk Cruzer USB drive he would be golden. But we had planned to do that in the near future but fate reared its ugly head and struck at an inopportune time. But with planning it is not as inopportune as it could have been.

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An Update on Traffic Shaping

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A previous post outlined what traffic shaping is and some of my thoughts on it and I thought I would update you on some news… (more…)

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Installing Windows XP SP3

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In a previous post I outlined some important things to do BEFORE attempting the installation of the service pack. Good idea of me to follow my own advice…


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Installing AVG 8.x

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As was indicated in an email sent to my clients AVG 7.5 support is ending and the replacement software is AVG 8.x. Click on More for the Service Bulletin.

The program file is available here.

The manual is available here.

The instructions are available here.


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Hotmail was slow/down/unavailable

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Hotmail was down for at least 18 hours starting sometime Wednesday morning. It was slow to render the main page and would not load. So your intrepid Consultant wrote Hotmail “support”: (more…)

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Clipmate Clipboard Extender

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I used to use this software way back in the Windows 3.x era when I was at the University of Waterloo. This handy little utility extends the capabilities of the Window copy, paste, and cut commands quite dramatically and if you want to KEEP data that you copy from other programs this little peice of software is worth its weight in gold.

These reviews can say more about what Clipmate does for you but if you are not sure be sure to download the 30 day trial and try it for yourself.


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Windows XP SP3 Released and Outlook Express

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Related Post Here…


Windows XP SP3 Released.

After a delay Windows XP SP3 have been released. I am planning to do a trial installation with one of my computers and will report about the process to you.

For reference this is the page that offers the two methods of installing the service pack: by Windows/Microsoft Update or software package (i.e. downloading a file to your computer and patching).

Outlook Express

It turns out that Microsoft will be supporting Outlook Express for a while longer. I still recommend getting ready to get Windows Live and using this instead of Outlook Express.

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